The Product

South Australian Shark Cartilage for arthritis pain

Environmental Ethics and Clean Green Company

All Raw Shark Cartilage purchased by South Australian Shark Cartilage is sourced from existing commercial Shark fishing only, which is harvested primarily for human consumption (Flake or Shark).

Sharks are not targeted for the production of shark cartilage products. Shark cartilage is collected as a natural by-product of sharks harvested for food. Before the benefits of shark cartilage were widely known the cartilage was largely disposed of as a waste product.

Australian Owned Since 1996

South Australian Shark Cartilage is proudly Australian owned. A family run company that started from humble beginnings, the company processes and distributes the product all within Australia. Yvonne and Jeff Dale run the entire business from Port Lincoln in South Australia. 

SA Shark Cartilage continues to distribute to Sigma pharmaceutical companies and health stores around Australia. It has helped thousands of osteoarthritis sufferers in the temporary relief of arthritic pain and improved joint mobility. 

See What Our Clients Have To Say...

"I have been taking South Australian Shark Cartilage capsules for about 3 years now. I take 2 to 3 capsules per day and this eliminates the joint pain I was getting in my knuckles and hands. In addition have no joint pain despite running 25 kilometres a week at 71 years of age. I can thoroughly recommend SA Shark Cartilage."
"I started taking South Australian Shark Cartilage 750mg in 2006 for the pain in my hands and found amazing relief."
"South Australian Shark Cartilage has been an invaluable asset to my life style, giving me freedom to keep on leading a productive life - at 81 years that is most important! Before commencement my activities were becoming extremely difficult due to failing joints. I sincerely thank the naturopath who recommended the product to me."

Find relief from your arthritis pain and enjoy improved joint mobility
with all natural South Australian Shark Cartilage.

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